The decade of Difference: Year of double

The decade of Difference: Year of double

There is a shift coming for Gods people as we enter into a new season and cycle in this new year. The year 2020 is not simply the turn of a new year but the start of a new decade, and this decade will be known as the decade of difference. A new era of distinction.

What will be the sign that marks this difference, the difference that sets you apart?

• A difference In your House

• A difference in your Peace

• The Blessing

• The Favor of God

• An Awakening & Revival spirit

• A difference in the Anointing

NOW is the time to believe it. To see it. To expect it. For the year 2020 will be marked by the double portion. It shall be known as the year of double! Begin to walk around and declare it.

• In your life and in the church

• In your ministry

• In your business

• In your influence

• In your finances

Double favor. Double honor. Double blessing. The double Portion