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Spring Semester (January 20 - June 26)

Title: The Process of Purpose

Icebreaker: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Who do you have to become to fulfill that vision?

This Sunday our Bishop delivered another powerful message in his sermon series, Called to Purpose. As we leaned last week, there are different types of purpose and many of us settle for the natural purpose we assign ourselves. However, to discover and fulfill God’s divine purpose for our lives we must submit to the process of purpose. Nothing comes to fruition without enduring a process, and that process is often painful. If we can learn to stay submitted even when the process hurts and offends or inconveniences us, we will see ourselves become all that God created us to be.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

I. The Purpose of the Process

a. All of us have wondered, and maybe still wonder at times, who we are and why we are here. We search for identity and purpose in our families and careers, but can’t seem to fill the void. This is an innate longing that every human has, to know their purpose and find meaning in life. This longing is for much more than earthly success and possessions.

b. Purpose can be defined as the original intent for something or someone; divine purpose specifically speaks of God’s will and design for our lives. Before He created anything, God had a plan and purpose in mind. You existed in the mind of God with a purpose before the Earth was formed, before mankind was formed, well before you actually arrived here (Jeremiah 1:5).

c. The problem we run into in this lifetime is not only discovering our divine purpose, but enduring the process required to fulfill it. Jesus gave a parable of a seed in John 12 and spoke of how the seed must go into the ground and die before it can produce anything. Jesus himself had to exemplify this seed parable by going into the ground through death so that he could be raised to life again and give us the opportunity to do the same.

d. Realistically speaking, no one is eager to die. All of us would much rather live selfishly and find a loophole around the process. We want the reward at the end, we just don’t want to suffer for it, but transformation requires a process (Romans 12:1-2).


Why do we need to be transformed? What makes my natural self so different from the person God created me to be?

II. The Product of the Process

a. Our natural inclination is toward sin and that sin opposes the will of God. When God formed us in his mind and in the spirit we were already exactly who he intended us to be. However, it takes a process for our natural form to become who we truly are in the spirit.

b. Transformation looks like a change in our hearts where we no longer rely on our own strength and ability, or pursue our own will, but we learn to trust God and his plans.

c. This process to trust God also brings us to a place where we know him in greater ways. You truly get to know a person as you spend time with them and go through hard times together. You know God as your provider when you experience need; you know God as your comforter when you experience pain. You get to know God more intimately through the process.

d. As we endure the transformation process and encounter God in new ways we can’t help but to become like that seed that dies to produce what’s within it. We see our old nature die as we submit to the process and become more like Christ, the truest version of ourselves (Romans 8:13-14).

e. Yes, the process will be painful, but the pain is purposeful. As we endure every season of our process we can be assured that we will see the goodness of God (Romans 8:28).

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