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Fall Semester

Title: Jesus, Our Great High Priest (Part II)

Icebreaker: Do you prefer to blend in with the crowd or to stand out? Does this preference change depending on the situation?

This Sunday our Bishop continued his teaching on the priesthood of Jesus and the great example he set for us. Jesus was our example as a man of how we should live and act as priests. We’ve learned that Jesus prayed, interceded and carried the presence of God during his earthly ministry; today we will look deeper into how Jesus lived differently and stood out from those around him.

Hebrews 4:14-16

I. Jesus Lived in Holiness

a. God loves Jesus because Jesus loves righteousness (Hebrews 1:9). Jesus was able to walk in power and authority on the earth because of the depth of his relationship with the Father. Out of that relationship, Jesus only desired and did those things that pleased the Father.

b. To be holy simply means to be set apart: Jesus was set apart and lived in an intimate relationship with God. He was a special possession of God’s and did not conform to the ways of those around him.

c. In following Jesus’ example, we cannot just follow the trends of this world. God called us to be a holy nation, His own special possession, and to be set apart for His glory and purposes (Romans 12:1, 1 Peter 2:9).

d. To live in holiness does not mean that we are perfect or without sin. Instead, it means that we have surrendered to God and are allowing him to do the work of perfecting us from the inside out.


Is holiness just following certain rules or abiding by the law of the Old Testament? Can holiness look different for different people?

II. Jesus Loves His Church

a. Jesus came to save and serve His bride, His Church. He did not come for only one man or woman, although we like to make it personal, but he came that anyone who believed in him could be saved.

b. His love guided his actions of prayer, intercession, and ultimately service and sacrifice. If we are to follow His example, we must love the Church in this way as well.

c. We cannot say we love God if we do not love others. We cannot effectively walk in relationship with God if that relationship does not lead us to serve in a local church. We need the body of Christ and the body needs us to do our part.

d. Jesus reminds us in scripture that he came to serve rather than be served, and he shows us how to walk in love and humility. The greatest in the Kingdom is a servant first (Matthew 20).


How do love and holiness relate to sacrifice?

What sacrifices do we offer to God?

III. Jesus Offered Himself as a Sacrifice

a. Jesus clearly did a number of amazing things in his time on the earth, but none compare to the great sacrifice that he gave for us - offering his life as ransom for our sins (Hebrews 10:12-14).

b. Through His sacrifice, Jesus fulfilled the requirements of the law so that we no longer have to bring animal and blood sacrifices to God. Instead, we bring spiritual sacrifices to God through the way we live (1 Peter 2:5).

c. God doesn’t want us to only offer things or possessions, He wants all of us. He wants our praise, our total surrender, and ultimately for us to live as a holy people set apart for Him.

d. When we, like Jesus, choose righteousness and live in holiness, God can grant us the same power and authority that he gave Jesus, to manifest his kingdom here in the earth.


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