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Spring Semester

Title: The Miracle of Acceleration

Speaker: Pastor Harvey Campbell

Icebreaker: Have your group members close their eyes and open them when they think 15 seconds have passed. Does everyone open their eyes at the same time? What does this suggest about how we each view time?

This Sunday Pastor Harvey Campbell imparted a word on the supernatural power and authority God has over time. As humans we are subjected to the laws of time, constantly moving from day to day and season to season; but our God exists outside of time and has the power to reach into any situation we face to remove the confines of time from the equation. God is a good Father who care about the details of our lives, and has good and perfect plans for us. He will remove any obstacle that stands in the way of his purpose, including time itself.

Revelation 10:5-6

I. God of the Present

a. The bible tells us that God is forever the same (Hebrews 13:8), unchanging and unmoved by time or season.

b. When God reveals himself as I Am (Exodus 3:14) he is revealing the present nature of his being. He is not becoming anything new, he does not evolve or move through time as we understand it. He is always God and he always has control over time.

c. Since God exists outside of time and in a perpetual state of "now" he has the divine power to override the natural progression of time to bring about his will in the earth.

d. As we grow to understand this supernatural principle we can position ourselves to trust God for the miracle of acceleration: no longer bound by time, but instead having time on our side because the God who controls time is for us.


If God is always in the present, what does that mean for our past and future? Is God still concerned with what's already happened or what is to come?

II. A Miracle of Specificity

a. Since God governs time, he has the ability to reach into any circumstance you face, remove time from the equation, and move you from where you were to where you are destined to be in an instant.

b. God is always working to accomplish specific things in your life that only he can. God has planned every detail of your life and will move in the exact moment he needs to bring a thing forth.

c. We often get hung up on the amount of time we feel that we've lost, or the time we've suffered with a certain issue, but God has the unique ability to not only override time in the present, but to redeem the time you lost in the past and make it start to serve your future (Joel 2:25).


How do you respond when you feel that time is moving too fast or slow for you? How do you view God when it feels like time is not on your side?

III. How Does God Do It?

a. God tells us in Isaiah 55:8 that his thoughts are not like ours, but higher. Living outside of time He sees, thinks, and acts from a higher perspective than we do.

b. We are used to operating by seed-time and harvest (Genesis 8:22): planting a seed, waiting for it to grow, and later reaping a harvest. This is the pattern God has established to govern the earth; however, He also promised a day of acceleration where the waiting will be eliminated and a seed will produce an immediate harvest (Amos 9:13).

c. This is not something for us to try to rationalize; rather, something that we can eagerly anticipate as God fulfills his promises. We can trust God at his word and position ourselves for great miracles of acceleration.


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