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Fall Semester

Title: He Will Come Again to Judge the Living and the Dead

Series: The Creed

Icebreaker: What makes people procrastinate? Why do we choose to wait until the last second to do, find, buy something we knew about well in advance? What excuses do we make for being unprepared when our last ditch efforts fails us?

This Sunday our Bishop detailed the coming judgement that we all will face when Jesus returns. When Jesus came as a baby the first time no one was prepared to receive him, and Jesus himself says that his second coming will be swift and unexpected. So how can we be prepared for His return? As we learn these foundational truths of our faith it is crucial that we apply this faith to our works - this is not just head knowledge! All of us will give an account for our actions when Jesus returns, so let's be sure that we are doing exactly what he's called us to do.

1 Corinthians 3:10-15

I. Jesus is Coming Soon!

a. It has been prophesied for over two thousand years that Jesus is coming back again. The early Church waited in anticipation as if Jesus could literally appear to them again at any moment, but we don't have that same attitude today. It's as if in the waiting for Jesus to return we've started to doubt that he actually will.

b. There are different examples used in scripture to describe how Jesus will return. Some say that it will be like a flash of lightning, swift and unexpected (Matthew 24:27). Another example says that Jesus will come like a thief in the night when you least expect him (Matthew 24:43-44). Scripture even describes a generation that is not looking for Jesus and is caught off-guard when he does appear.

c. The truth is, Jesus is coming back and he's coming sooner than we think. He is not coming quietly or timidly, but He is coming in power and might, and He is coming to bring justice to the earth (Ecclesiastes 12:14).


What will judgement day look like? Will everyone be judged in the same way at the same time and place?

II. Jesus Will Judge the Unbeliever

a. When this judgement day comes Jesus will judge each of us on our belief and our behavior. Your belief determines where you are judged and where you will spend eternity; while your behavior determines how you will spend eternity and what reward you will receive.

b. For the unbeliever, those who refused to receive Jesus while living, they will stand before Jesus at his great white throne of judgement (Revelation 20:11-13). Here, every unbeliever will be judged according to their works. While all of them will spend eternity in hell, those who did good works on the earth will not be punished as harshly as those who did evil (Matthew 11:22-24).

c. There will be dimensions to hell, where those who knowingly did greater evil will receive harsher punishment (Romans 2:5). However, even those who were "good" will still suffer for their unbelief.


Does making it into heaven mean I've done all that I was supposed to do on the earth?

III. Jesus Will Judge the Believer

a. Jesus is not only coming to judge the unbeliever - remember, he is coming to judge us all. For the believer, this judgment takes place at the judgment seat of Christ (Romans 14:10). All who received the free gift of salvation and believed in Jesus will enter into heaven by this grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).

b. While we will inherit the kingdom of heaven by grace, we too will be judged by our works to determine our heavenly reward (2 Corinthians 5:10). God sees every single thing that we do, and will call us to account for even the words that we spoke when we appear before him (1 Corinthians 3:13, Matthew 6). The question will not only be what did we do, but what was our motivation? Did we serve and do good works to please God or man?

c. The size of your heavenly reward is directly determined by your actions on earth; some people will enter heaven but be ashamed when judgement day comes because they did not do all that they could for the Lord while living (1 John 2:28). It is not only about making it to heaven, but about what we do in the time we're given before then. If we steward our time wisely now we will be rewarded with much in the life to come (Matthew 25:23).


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