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Fall Semester (August 12 - November 20, 2019)

Title: Send Me

Holy Spirit: The One Who Sends (Part III)

Icebreaker: Imagine you're trying to buy snacks for your Belong Group members. How would you know what everyone's favorite snack is; how would you guess the one's you don't know very well?

This Sunday our Bishop continued with his message on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our power source: all that we do as believers depends upon the empowerment that we receive from Him in every area of our lives. Today we will discuss three specific roles that the Holy Spirit plays in our lives and how to put our faith into action in these areas.

Acts 1:4-8

I. The Holy Spirit Makes Us Legal Witnesses (Acts 1:8)

a. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be legal witnesses of the power and freedom found in Christ.

b. Witnesses do not just give a verbal account, but can demonstrate what they've seen and experienced.

c. It is much more effective to demonstrate the power of God than to talk about a God you've only heard of.

d. As you witness to others you can heal the sick and see people set free from situations that have had them bound (Mark 16:17-18). Lean into the Holy Spirit and allow him to work through you.


Do you ever find yourself trying to imitate someone? Maybe you're making a decision for them or trying to think of their response to a certain situation. How does having a close relationship with the person affect your ability to imitate their actions?

II. The Holy Spirit Allows Us to Know Jesus

a. It is the Holy Spirit that introduces us to Jesus and allows us to experience salvation (John 16:13).

b. All that the Holy Spirit does and says reveals Truth by pointing to the person of Jesus.

c. This is a good format to follow for evangelism: Let all that you say and do bring attention to Jesus.

d. Knowing that the Holy Spirit often points to Jesus through conviction of sin, it is helpful to share your personal testimony: what sin kept you from God and how did Jesus bring you to redemption?


Think of a time you had a mentor to help prepare you for a new role - maybe a job,or even a personal change (entering marriage, having your first child, etc.). How did that person help equip you for your new role?

III. The Holy Spirit Anoints Us for Ministry

a. The Holy Spirit anoints us for ministry and empowers us to fulfill the call of God on our lives (Acts 10:38).

b. No matter what God has called us to do - whether teaching, preaching, greeting, or singing - our works and talents are useless without the anointing that brings impact.

c. When we are anointed to reach the lost we will see lasting fruit. We cannot lead people to Christ by our charm or wit. It is the Holy Spirit that draws people and gives us divine power and inspiration.

d. Before going to witness to others, take inventory of your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Ensure you are in tune with Him and ready to be led to the people you are called to reach.

**Helpful Tips for Personal Evangelism:

  • Challenge yourself to approach someone daily.
  • It is helpful to have an item to place in people's hands: a flyer, a card, etc.
  • Ask questions to break the ice and point the conversation to God: "Are you a Christian?" "Do you attend church?"
  • Offer to exchange contact information and follow up with those you connect to.


iCare Month: November is iCare month at City Church. We encourage you to perform random acts of kindness for people you encounter on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, we encourage you to plan a project with your Belong Group members to serve someone in your community. For more information on iCare month or ways that you can serve others, please contact Pastor Andrew Benson at [email protected]

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Invite: Invite those that attend your group to church if they do not have a church home as well as encourage your group to invite others to join you every Wednesday.

Prayer of 3: There are at least 3 people we are believing that will have an encounter with God and enter into a relationship with Jesus. We have a form that we will use to write down these names and keep them before us as we pray. We highly encourage you to print a copy of this sheet and give a copy to the members of your group as well. (Download "Prayer of Three" Form Here)

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Have an amazing and spirit-filled group!

There will be no College Lesson this week...

Please follow the general lesson and share with your group the importance of evangelism as Bishop moves through the new series: Send Me.