2024 Fasting Challenge

Join the "Break-Fast" club

What is the "Break-Fast Club"

The "Break-Fast Club" prayer and fasting challenge is for those who sense the Lord leading them to draw near to Himself with a renewed commitment to prayer and fasting in 2024.

By signing up for this fasting challenge you are agreeing to a one (1) year commitment to weekly and monthly fasting rhythm.

This will include abstaining from one meal, weekly, on each Wednesday in 2024 and

as we approach our monthly Friday Night Prayer service, we will be fasting from one meal over a 3-day period leading into the prayer service (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.)

What to expect?

Collectively, we are trusting the Lord to bring His Church to a higher place in Him.

We believe that this will be the beginnings of a movement within the church that will move beyond this local house bringing people back to the crucified life that Jesus calls us to live.  

  • Look out for a monthly email from Bishop containing an encouraging 5-minute teaching on prayer and fasting.  
  • Find community and encouragement by joining our prayer team for Wednesday Morning Prayer at 7am on Facebook
  • Look out for other resources to help you in your journey.