Grow in Christ

What are you waiting for?

Incredible transformation and growth happens when you commit to Christ, experience freedom and begin to live on purpose. We’ve designed four steps within our Grow Track to help you reach the next level in your journey with Christ.

GROW Workshops Begin July 10 at 9am

If you have recently put your faith in Jesus or are new to City Church and desire to discover more about growing in the Lord and find your place in the body of Christ, then our Grow workshops are your Next Step: 

It’s time to put your faith in motion and step into the life that God has for you. 

Register by clicking on the button below or by texting GROW to 504.500.0809.

Grow 1: Experiences in Christ.

A discussion of the experiences every Christian has in their walk with Jesus at the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Grow 2: Why Do I Need A Church Family?

A discussion about the importance of belonging to a local church. It's more than just church attendance and fellowship: Being connected to a church community is vital to healthy spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus. This class also serves as our New Members class.

Grow 3: Discovering Your Purpose!

Grow 4: Volunteering!

A discussion on the role that each person plays in seeing God's kingdom advance through the local church.