Miracle Month

Your Miracle is in the House

Each Sunday in June our focus will be trusting God for supernatural miracles in the lives of God’s people. If you’re sick of being sick, join us on Sunday morning at 10am and watch what the Lord does in your life. 

Pentecost Sunday

June 5th is Pentecost Sunday. On this dynamic Holy Day, we will be remembering the coming of the Holy Spirit by wearing the color red which symbolizes the cloven tongues of fire. (Acts 2:1-3) 

Miracle Service Sunday

On June 27th, we will conclude the month with the ministry of laying on of the hands by the Presbytery upon all who desire prayer. 

10 days of fasting and prayer

Consider joining us in 10 days of fasting and prayer. 

  • Monday June 13 - Wednesday June 26. 
  • Type of fast: Abstain from 1 (one) meal daily.

Morning prayer will be live streamed each weekday (during the fast) on Facebook

from 7:00-7:30am (@citychurchnola)

Testimony videos

Pastor Celia Estarada's healing story