Overview of Marriage Qualifications & Policies

Interested in having your wedding at City Church? Please read here.

Marriage Qualifications

Couples must meet the following qualifications:

  • Each person must be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that belief must be reflected in his and her lifestyle.

  • City Church adheres to the scriptural position of a sexually pure lifestyle and abstinence outside of marriage. The pre-married couple must agree not to cohabitate or be involved in a sexual relationship until after their wedding ceremony.

  • The bride and groom must have completed the premarital counseling process 14 days prior to the wedding date.

  • Either the bride or the groom must be member of City Church for at least 3 months prior to the wedding date.

Members of City Church are identified as those who:

  • Profess faith in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior;
  • Are committed to the vision of the church through regular attendance;
  • Have completed the Belong membership process;
  • Support the church through tithes and offerings; and
  • Pray for the leadership of the church.

Wedding Policies

  • Please submit your wedding application at least 6 to 8 months before your desired wedding date and allow up to four weeks for confirmation on your desired wedding date.

  • All approved engaged couples are required to complete City Church’s Premarital Counseling classes no less than 14 days before the wedding date.

  • City Church does not hold weddings on holiday weekends such as Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day.

  • Only members of the City Church Pastoral Leadership Team shall officiate weddings held at City Church.

  • In keeping with City Church values and beliefs, we do not allow any alcoholic beverages on the premises or smoking inside the buildings.

  • All music selections must be appropriate and free of profanity and inappropriate themes.

  • All décor plans must gain approval through the event planning director.

  • It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to ensure someone is assigned to setup and remove all decorations and personal belongings within the allotted time for all rooms reserved.

  • All outside rentals and decorations must be delivered and removed on the day of your wedding or reception. 

  • You are responsible for any damaged or broken items used during the event beyond normal wear and tear, and will be charged accordingly.

  • All children that are on the premises must be under adult supervision at all times. Groups are not permitted to provide their own childcare on the premises.

  • City Church is not responsible for any injuries caused to anyone while on the property.

  • City Church is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property not provided by City Church.

  • Rice, bird seed, or the like, are not allowed. However, other items may be approved for the bridal exit including bubbles and sparklers (these are allowed outside  only). Note: If using sparklers, you must provide water buckets  in the area of the outdoor exit path.

  • A $100 fee is applied for each half hour that you occupy the facility beyond allotted time.

  • Please note the address to be used on your wedding invitations:

City Church

13123 I-10 Service Road

New Orleans, LA 70128

We reserve the right to decline officiating a wedding where couples do not adhere to these policies and requirements.